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Viewing his own life and that of our culture, de Forest employs a number of perspectives—psychological, spiritual, historical, and linguistic. His combined sensitivity, intelligence, broad educational background, and sense of humor form perceptions that encourage readers to value unusual ones of their own.

His work includes serious essays, satires, screenplays, and a stage play.

Allure    Personal investigation
    Sensing a realm behind the one we can see and touch

Terrorists and Whales    Political commentary
    Who wants to live in a police state?

Talk to Me    Satire
    The incoherence of a modern young man

Lord Chesterfield Writes to His Son    Satire
    The importunities of e-mail spam

Again and Again    Personal Essay
    The writer's engagement with incapacitating sadness

Noticing Nouns    Essay on language
    If "fire fighters" fight fires, why don't "freedom fighters" fight freedom?

Pueblos    Travel
    In ways not found in National Geographic, an appreciation of an unfamiliar culture

Oh, Mary    Short screenplay
    Marriage and physical fitness. Comedy

Saturday Morning    Short screenplay
    The plumber cometh. Comedy

Mopectoe Is for Lovers    Feature-length screenplay
    Romantic comedy in a small hotel

Both Sides of the Creek    Full-length stage play
    A divided family and its inherited land. Comedy

Dr. Rodeheaver on Foaming at the Mouth    Monologues
    The technique and social applications of this special skill.
    Video, performed by the writer. Comedy

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